`its all about wani...

Posted on Sunday, December 13, 2009 by shazwani


Let me tell you something about a girl named Nur Shazwani a.k.a Wani Chomel..(i was forced by her to write this...*vomitting*)

err...Basically, i am her lab partner for FYP and obviously, this is Faroha writing this post..*ehem ehem!*

From my observations, she's (wani, who else..) a hardworking person..(so do i..hahaha!!) we've been working on our FYP since last semester. plus, since last friday we were spending our days and times in the lab, waiting for the column chromatography to separate our samples... and for your information, we have been in the lab from early morning till late midnight...*phew~*
and today, 14th December 2009, we officially completed our 1st separation... i repeat, 1ST separation...it means, there's more...(huh!!!)

eh...wani just remind me to write about her, not on FYP.. "okay wani...your wish is my command..."

ok..erm...other than being hardworking, she's no longer available...(guys out there,TAKE NOTE!!). the lucky person who is in love with her, no other than himady..(i don't know much about him,so i'll pass..)

next, she lives in Tmn Melati, near Putra LRT. She also longing to have a new handphone because if you see her phone now, you'll be suprised how she can manage to contact you with its current state... its okay wani, year end sale is just around the corner. Happy shopping okay! ^_^

i don't know what else to write because its not about me...if you want to know about me, feel free to visit my blog, and dont forget to click the ads okay...thank you!


3 Responses to "`its all about wani...":

aRiff says:

masuk bakul angkat sendiri...masuk kete drive sendiri...eh ke ade "orang" yg tlg drivekan?

iShLiBeTiSh says:

oi oi...ni dtujukan pd sape...? heshh...

Master J says:

naik lif..tekan sndiri =p